Scholarships and Grants

2014 Paul Bond Scholarship

Sponsored by Delaware Valley Paleontological Society and The Philadelphia Foundation

The Paul Bond Scholarship Fund was established by DVPS in 1994 in memory of Paul N. Bond to honor his commitment to paleontological study and to show the respect in which he was held by all that knew him.  Paul was a charter member of the Society and served on the board of directors and as a vice-president.

The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society (DVPS) - Paul Bond Scholarship provides funds for tuition or other educational expenses such as field work, research or data analysis to a graduate student in the Delaware Valley region who is actively pursuing a graduate degree in paleontology.


Must be actively pursuing a graduate degree in the field of Paleontology at a college or university within the Delaware Valley.

The Fund makes a biennial award of $2,000.  This is a one-time award for each recipient. The recipient is encouraged to give a short presentation to the DVPS membership.

How to Apply:
Click the following link to obtain instructions or by contacting the Scholarship Chair at the address below. Applications must be postmarked by 31 March 2014 All applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision.  The award will be announced at Society’s June 2014 meeting. 

Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
Scholarship Committee Chair
18 Saratoga Ln
Harleysville, PA 19438-2977
Phone: 610-481-3672
Fax: 610-706-4832

Here are the recent winners:
2014:  Zachary Boles  Drexel University 


2010:  Eric Morschhauser University of Pennsylvania

2008:  Emma Schachner University of Pennsylvania

2007:  No scholarship awarded

2006:  Domenic D’Amore – Rutgers University

2005:  No scholarship awarded

2004:  Doreena M. Patrick - University of Pennsylvania

2003: Merrilee F. Geunther – University of Pennsylvania

2002: Matthew C. Lamanna – University of Pennsylvania

2001:  William E. Gottobrio – Bryn Mawr College

2000:  David B. Cassenti – Rutgers University

1999:  No scholarship awarded

1998:  Katherine L. Davis and Allison R. Tumarkin – University of Delaware

1997:  Joshua B. Smith – University of Pennsylvania


The DVPS awards grants at the discretion of the Officers.  Since 1999, over $8500 has been awarded.  Past recipients of these grants are:

2013:    Dr. David Broussard, Lycoming College:  Research fish scales found at the Red Hill site
2012:    Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, Drexel University:  Inversand Project – Cretaceous-aged marl pit located in Mantua township, NJ
2011:    Friends of the NJ State Museum:  Inversand Project – Cretaceous-aged marl pit located in Mantua township, NJ
2010:    Doug Rowe, Red Hill Museum, North Bend, PA:  Purchase of camera equipment for the museum
2009:    Hamburg Natural History Society, Hamburg NY:  Donation to their building fund
2002:    Aurora Fossil Museum, Aurora, NC:  Purchase materials for museum renovation
2001:    Doug Rowe, Red Hill Museum, North Bend, PA:  Purchase materials for museum ceiling
1999:    Matt Lamanna and Josh Smith, University of Pennsylvania:  Support a group from UPenn searching for dinosaurs in the Egyptian desert.
1983:    Dr. Peter Dodson, University of Pennsylvania:  Recovery of the type species of Avaceratopsis lammersi in Montana