Photo Gallery

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Mazon Creek Scorpion

Close-up of 25 spiderlings entombed in a piece of Mexican amber

Ever wonder what those big, pretty Green River fish plates look like before all the prep work?

Amphicyon longiramus, a bear-dog, apex predator of the early miocene in North America. The jaw measures nearly 12 inches long.

Iridescent Placenticeras ammonite from the Cretaceous near Alberta, Canada
Xiphactinus audax (bulldog tarpon) from the Cretaceous of Kansas

New species of bird, probably a vulture, from the Green River Formation of Wyoming

Dramatic fish aspiration (choking to death on another fish) from the Green River Formation in Wyoming

Death assemblage of Ordovician trilobites from St. Petersburg, Russia

 Eocene snake from Messel, Germany

Nearly complete Cretaceous shark from Kansas


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