The Mosasaur

    The DVPS publishes a journal, The Mosasaur, on an occasional basis, which contains articles on fossils and geology related topics, especially those of local interest.  The editors of the journal welcome contributions from amateur paleontologists as well as those from professionals in the field, publishing articles of interest to all.  The Mosasaur retails for $15 for Volumes III through Volume VII, depending on the issue being purchased. The following is a list of the contents of Volume I through Volume VII.  DVPS has recently published Volume VIII of the Mosasaur, this volumn cost is $20 dollars plus shipping.

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Volume I

New and Revised Records of Pleistocene Mammals of New Jersey
David C. Parris
Paleoecology of the Delaware Valley Region, Part I: Cambrian to Jurassic
William B. Gallagher
Annotated Localities of Ornithopod Dinosaurs: Implications to Mesozoic Paleobiography
David B. Weishampel and Judith B. Wieshampel
A Faunal Review of the Judith River (Oldman) Formation, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada
Peter Dodson
Halisaurus platyspondylus – The Third Reported Occurance of this Mosasaur in New Jersey
Frank Bukowski

Volume II

Reconstruction and Architecture of medullosan pteriodosperms (Pennsylvanian)
H.W. Pfefferkorn, W.H. Gillespie, D. A. Resnick, and M. H. Scheihing
Paleoecology of the Delaware Valley region, Part II: Cretaceous to Quaternary
William B. Gallagher
Paleontology in the Grand Canyon of Arizona: 125 years of lessons and enigmas from the late Precambrian to the present
Earle E. Spamer
No ichthyosaurs in the Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey … or Saskatchewan
Donald Baird
Evidence of giant protostegid sea-turtles in the Cretaceous of New Jersey
Donald Baird
An upper Campanian vertebrate fauna from the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal
Edward M. Lauginiger
The paleoecology of the ornithopod dinosaur Tenontosaurus tilletti from the Cloverly Formation, Big Horn Basin of Wyoming and Montana
Catherine A. Forster
International Archaeopteryx Conference
Peter Dodson

Volume III

Paleontology, biostratigraphy, and depositional environments of the Cretaceous-Tertiary
transition in the New Jersey Coastal Plain
       William B. Gallagher, David C. Parris, Earle E. Spamer
Halisaurus and Prognathodon, two uncommon mosasaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of
New Jersey
       Donald Baird
A skull fragment of the Cretaceous cheloniid turtle Osteopygis from Atlantic Highlands,
New Jersey
       Donald Baird
An Upper Cretaceous vertebrate assemblage from Big Brook, New Jersey
       Edward M. Lauginiger
Upper Cretaceous reptiles from the Severn Formation of Maryland
       Donald Baird
A new Severn Formation (Early Middle Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous) locality in
Prince Georges County, Maryland
       Eugene F. Hartstein, Lawrence E. Decina
Osteological notes on the fossil turtle  ?Dollochelys atlantica  (Zangerl)
       David C. Parris, Craig DeTample, Rachel C. Benton
Late Cretaceous fossils from the Blufftown Formation (Campanian) in western Georgia
       David R. Schwimmer
Some Upper Triassic reptiles, footprints, and an amphibian from New Jersey
       Donald Baird
Ordovician graptolites from a new locality near Jutland, New Jersey
       David C. Parris, Kenneth M. Cruikshank
The sea-robin Prionotus (Teleostei: Scorpaeniformes) in the Pleistocene of New Jersey
       R. William Selden
Hawkin’ hadrosaurs: The Stereographic record
       Richard C. Ryder
A paleontological pilgrimage through Philadelphia, the birthplace of American
       Catherine A. Forster, Earle E. Spamer

Volume IV

Field guide to the vertebrate paleontology of Late Triassic age rocks in the southwestern
Newark Basin  (Newark Supergroup, New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
      Paul E. Olsen and John J. Flynn
Upper Triassic Dinophyton zone plant fossil from the Stockton Formation in southeastern
      Brain J. Axsmith and Peter A. Kroehler
Notes on six real and supposed type fossils from the Newark Supergroup (Triassic) of
      Earle E. Spamer
Medial Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaur and footprints from New Jersey
      Donald Baird
The Upper Cretaceous shark Cretolamna appendiculata (Agassiz) in the Raritan
Formation (Cenomanian) of  New Jersey
      Gerard R. Case
A predator attacks Sphenodiscus
       Frank Bukowski and Paul Bond
The Upper Cretaceous (Campanian, Black Creek Formation) fossil fish fauna of Phoebus
Landing, Bladen County, North Carolina
       Albert J. Robb
The biostratigaphy of the Lower Helderbergian formations (Lower Devonian) as exposed
along Wallpack Ridge, Sussex County, New Jersey
       Albert J. Waggenhoffer
Quaternary mammals from the continental shelf off New Jersey
       William B. Gallagher,  David C. Parris, Barbara Smith Grandstaff
       and Craig DeTample
Preliminary reexamination of the Fish House local fauna and flora (Pleistocene),
Pennsauken, Camden County, New Jersey
       Arthur E. Bogan, Earle E. Spamer, G. Christine Manville, William
        B. Gallagher and Arthur J. Cain
The vertebrate fauna from the Judith River Formation (Late Cretaceous) of Wetland and
Golden Valley Counties, Montana
       Anthony R. Fiorillo
Rediscovery of fossil material at the Academy of Natural Sciences of  Philadelphia from
Edward Drinker Cope’s 1893 expedition to the Dakotas
       Edward Daeschler and Anthony R. Fiorillo
A historic piece of  petrified wood from the Triassic of Arizona
   Earle E.  Spamer
A paleontological pilgrimage  through Philadelphia, the birthplace of American
paleontology. II. With notes on the paleontology of Philadelphia.
   Earle E. Spamer and Catherine A. Forster
Delaware Valley Paleontological Society.  “Ad amorem rerum fossam”
   Edward M. Lauginiger


Volume V

Records of musk oxen from the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North America
  Jerry N. McDonald and Clayton E. Ray
Quaternary vertebrates from the Virginia Coastal Plain
  David C. Parris and Barbara Smith Grandstaff
Review and new data on the Port Kennedy Local Fauna and Flora (Late Irvingtonian),
Valley  Forge National History Park, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  Edward Daeschler, Earle E. Spamer, and David C. Parris
A Pleistocene house from Connecticut
  Spencer G. Lucas
Late Pleistocene(?) land snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in “red earth” deposits of the
Grand Canyon,  Arizona
  Earle E. Spamer
An associated tiger shark dentition from the Miocene of Maryland
  Michael D. Gottfried
Further examination of the Woodbury and basal Englishtown Formations in Camden
County and adjacent area, New Jersey
  Daniel Kuehne
Probable occurrence of the shark genus Palaeocarcharodon (Neoselachii:
Cretoxyrhinidae) in the Paleocene of New Jersey
  Gerard R. Case
The Cretaceous/Tertiary mass extinction event in the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain
  William B. Gallagher


Volume VI


Reconstructed Dentition of the Rare Lamnoid Shark Parotodus benedeni from the Yorktown
Formation at Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina.
  Breeton W. Kent and George W. Powell, Jr.
Speculations on the Size and Morphology of the Extinct Lamnoid Shark, Parotodus benedini
 Bretton W. Kent
A Late Cretaceous (Severn Formation) Vertebrate Assemblage from Bowie, Maryland
 Eugene F. Harstein, Lawrence E. Decina and Ronald F. Keil
Cretolamna cf. C. aschersoni (Stromer) (Neoselachii:  Cretoxyrhinidae), from the Late Paleocene
Early Eocene of Mississippi, USA, with Comparisons to Moroccan Fauna
  Gerard R. Case and James J. Leggett
Upper Cretaceous Macroinvertebrate Faunas of the Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain
  Daniel F. Kuehne
A Pleistocene Mollusk Assemblage from Cooper River, New Jersey
  Stephen Kurth and Eric Kurth
A Large Coelacanth, c.f. Diplurus (Pariostegus) longicaudatus, from the Late Triassic Locatong
Formation, Granton Quarry, North Bergen, New Jersey
  Charles A. Rizzo
Evidence for Live Birth in the Triassic Coelacanth Diplurus (Osteopleurus) newarki
  Charles A. Rizzo
The Parlin Pit: Paleontology, Stratigraphy, and Depositional Environments at a Cretaceous Amber
Site in New Jersey
  William B. Gallagher, Kirk R. Johnson, Edward Gilmore and Ralph Johnson
A Scene from American Deep Time: New York's Paleozoic Museum- Revisisted
  Allen A. Debus and Steve McCarthy


Volume VII

Using the latex peel method to collect and cast a Late Devonian lungfish from the Catskill Formation in Pennsylvania
  Edward B. Daeschler and C. Frederick Mullison
Notes on the tooth "saw blades" of Edestus, a Late Paleozoic Chondrichthyan
  Rainer Zangerl and Clifford Jeremiah 
A Preliminary Paleoecological Investigation of Late Pennsylvanian Brachiopods from the LaSalle Limestone, LaSalle County, Illinois
  Stephen L. Brusatte 
Shark-bitten Xiphactinus audax (Teleostei, Ichthyodectiformes) from the Niobrara Chalk (Upper Cretaceous) of Kansas
  Kenshu Shimada and Michael J. Everhart 
Plesiosaurs as the food of mosasaurs; new data on the stomach contents of Tylosaurus proriger (Squamata; Mosasauridae) from the Niobrara Formation of western Kansas
  Michael J. Everhart
A new mosasaur specimen from Maastricht (The Netherlands), with a review of the Late Cretaceous-Early Paleogene marine faunas of New Jersey and Limburg
  William B. Gallagher, John W. M. Jagt, Eric W. A. Mulder, and Anne S. Schulp 
Occurrence of Callianassid Coprolites in the Cretaceous of New Jersey
  Carl M. Mehling
A Lungfish (Dipnoan) from the Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey
  David C. Parris, Barbara S. Grandstaff, and William B. Gallagher 
Early Cenomanian (Late Cretaceous) Elasmobranchs from the Mowry Shale, Fall River County, South Dakota
  David Cicimurri
Vertebrate fossils from the Upper Cretaceous (Merchantville Formation: Early Campanian) Graham Brick Yards locality of New Jersey
  Albert J. Robb III 
First Record of a Velociraptorine Theropod (Tetanurae, Dromaeosauridae) from the Eastern Gulf Coastal United States
  Caitlin R. Kiernan and David R. Schwimmer 
Astrodon Rediscovered: America's First Sauropod
  Peter M. Kranz 
Remnants of the Collection of Henry Steinhauer in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; With Notes On the Recovery of the Type Material of Three Taxa Named by Adolphe Brongniart
  James C. Lendemer
The Great Extinct Lizard: Hadrosaurus foulkii, "First Dinosaur" of Film and Stage"
  Earle E. Spamer
Delaware Valley Paleontological Society: "Ad Amorem Rerum Fossam - Part 2 - The Second Decade"
  Lawrence E. Decina and Rollin H.Tillis

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