Monthly Meetings

The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
December's Monthly Program

The Academy of Natural Sciences, Thursday, December 18th, 7:30 PM

    The December meeting is our traditional Holiday party and auction.   It is always are fun time for all.

Meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month from September through June in the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (except for November and December when the meetings are held on the third Thursday of those months).  There are no meetings during the months of July and August. All meetings begin at 7:30 pm. The 19th Street entrance must be used to access the museum.  Meetings are free and open to the general public.  Attendees are encouraged to bring recent finds, fossils of interest, and new acquisitions for "show and tell".
In case of inclement weather or for directions, check the website at: or call 215-299-1000 Academy of Natural Science Main Desk (during normal business hours) or 215-299-1019 (19th Street Entrance Desk after hours) or use your best judgement.

Upcoming meeting dates for 2013 - 2014:    

November 20th,  2014

Guest speakers range from amateur members to notable people in the field.  Here’s a brief recap of some of our more recent guest speakers.

Dr. William Gallagher- A paleontologist from the State Museum of New Jersey in Trenton and the first President of the DVPS.
  Bill’s talk was on “Searching for Fossils on England’s Isle of Wight.”

Mark Jaffe- Science feature writer for “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, Mark spoke about his latest book “The Gilded Dinosaur”, an engaging and historical review of the never-cordial “bone wars” between Cope and Marsh.

Patti Kane-Vanni DVPS Vice President, and Jason Poole, Academy of Natural Sciences Preparator, each gave an enjoyable account of “A Montana Expedition, Uncovering the Dinosaurs of the Jurassic,” a dig they both participated in.

Ted Daeschler- The curator of vertebrate paleontology for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, spoke about his latest fossil fishing trip to the Arctic.  The talk was entitled “Late Devonian Fossils in the Far North; Exploration of Southern Ellesmere Island, 2000”.

Matt Lamanna-  A graduate student in vertebrate paleontology at the University of Pennsylvania, under Dr. Peter Dodson, presented “The Latest Egyptian Dinosaur, Paralititan stromeri.”  The second largest dinosaur on the planet (so far).

Ray Stanford-  From College Park, MD. presented his Mesozoic Track Project:  Progress Report To DVPS: Further Tracking Of Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Crocs, And Other Vertebrates In Maryland’s Early Cretaceous.  He also displayed an incredible collection of fossil tracks.

Bob Walters-  A paleo artist who’s work appears in the American Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian.  Also in many books and magazines throughout the world, as well as television productions for PBS and The Discovery Channel.  Locally, he helped design the interactive Dinosaur Hall at Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences

Warren Allmon-  Editor of American Paleontologist and Director of the Paleontological Research Institution presented
"The pre-modern history of the post-modern dinosaur: what dinosaur art can teach us about science"

Paul Nascimbene-  On staff at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, where he conducts laboratory and field research on ancient organisms preserved in amber and sedimentary rock.  Paul was one of the principal excavators at the New Jersey amber site for the American Museum, and developed a method to prepare and conserve amber specimens. 

John Giannotti-  A renowned sculptor, John presented the story of his latest creation, the Hadrosaurus foulkii on permanent display in downtown Haddonfield. N.J.