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Who We Are

The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society is a nonprofit educational organization chartered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We are a diverse group of people, ranging from amateurs to avocational and professional paleontologists brought together by our uncommon common interest. 

Benefits Of Membership


The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society Newsletter is published ten times each fiscal year, September through June. The newsletter covers the activities of the Society as well as other items that might be of interest to our members.  Items such as Upcoming Events, a list of local shows and happenings related to paleontology, Dig This, reports of news items in paleontology, Field Trip Schedule, and Field Trip Reports. There is also the occasional article from guest writers.  Members are always encouraged to submit material they would like to share.    

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month from September through June in the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We kick-off the meeting with an update of Society business by Officers and Committee Chairs.  Then we sit back and enjoy our guest speaker for the evening.  Guest speakers range from amateur members to notable people in the field.  Here’s a brief recap of some of our past guest speakers.

 Field Trips

The DVPS takes to the field on a regular basis, visiting sites throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Canada. 

Website is our web address.  You will find up-to-date information about the club as well as recent photos from field trips, member finds, and world class fossils.  In addition there are field trip reports and links to recent news of interest to fossil enthusiasts.  The website is a work in progress and we are constantly making changes to make the site more interesting and relevant to our members.

Fossil Fair

Fossil Fair is our annual fund raising and community outreach event.  Proceeds from Fossil Fair help to support our scholarships and grants program, as well as the ongoing activities of the DVPS.  A lot of effort goes into making Fossil Fair a success.  Funds are raised through the sales of fossils and other related items at our sales table and also by way of our food concessions.  The exhibit area gives members the opportunity to publicly display their collections.  There’s also children’s activities including a fossil dig, and the kids get to keep what they find.  Donations of fossils, paleo-related items, and food, are vital to the success of this event.

The Mosasaur

The DVPS publishes a scientific, peer-reviewed journal, The Mosasaur, on an occasional basis.  It contains articles on fossils and geology related topics, especially those of local interest.  The editors of the journal welcome contributions from amateur paleontologists as well as those from professionals in the field, publishing articles of interest to all.  

Paul Bond Scholarship Fund

The Fund was established by the DVPS in 1994 in to provide a scholarship to graduate students actively pursuing a master’s degree or a doctorate in paleontology in the Delaware Valley region.  It is named in memory of Paul N. Bond to honor his commitment to the study of paleontology and the respect in which he was held by all who knew him.  Paul was a charter member of the society, served on the board of directors and also as a past Vice-President.  He was an inspiration to us all. 


Friends of the New Jersey State Museum – For the Inversand Excavation

The DVPS awards grants at the discretion of the Officers. 

History of the DVPS -Milestones/Events

June 1977

Fossil enthusiasts meet at Academy of Natural Sciences (Phila., Pa.) to discuss forming a group.

August 1978

Notification of first meeting sent out to museum members and fossil enthusiasts.

Sept. 1978

First meeting held at Academy of Natural Sciences (Phila., Pa.).

January 1979

First slate of officers elected.

June 1979

First overnight fossil collecting trip (Madison County, NY)


First Fossil Fair was held at Academy of Natural Sciences (Phila., Pa.)


DVPS incorporated as a non-profit entity.

May 1981

DVPS newsletter contains masthead of skeleton of Mosasaur

Nov. 1981

First trip to North Carolina's Lee Creek Mine was made.


Concept of a DVPS Journal formulated.


Mosasaur Volume I published.


DVPS makes first contribution to paleontological endeavor (Dodson's dinosaur).


Mosasaur Volume II.


Joint trip with Calvert Marine Museum to Swatara Gap, Pa.


Mosasaur Volume III


10th Year, 5 Presidents to date, 8th Annual Fossil Fair


Field trips expand into Florida and Nebraska; Mosasaur IV published.


Paul Bond Scholarship fund established; Philadelphia Foundation manages funds.


Mosasaur V and VI published.


The first Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Joshua B. Smith – University of Pennsylvania


Field trips expand to Buffalo, NY.


DVPS website established.


Paul Bond Scholarships is awarded to Katherine L. Davis and Allison R. Tumarkin – University of Delaware

March 1999

20th Anniversary dinner held in Horsham, Pa. (Lifetime Achievement Award to Courtney Rockefeller)

Sept. 1999

Grant given in the amount of $1000.00 given to Trustees of the U of P in the name of Matt Lamanna for Research Project located in Egypt   

Sept. 1999Grant issued in the amount of $940.00 given to Trustees of the U of P in the name of Josh Smith for Research Project located in Egypt 


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to David B. Cassenti – Rutgers University

April 2001

Annual Fossil Fair moves to Plymouth Meeting location. (co-sponsor Philadelphia Mineralogical Society)

May 2001Grant issued in the amount of $727.00 given to Red Hill museum 


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to William E. Gottobrio – Bryn Mawr College


Field Trips expand across Canada (Niagara Falls area, north of Toronto)


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Matthew C. Lamanna – University of Pennsylvania

Oct. 2002Grant issued in the amount of $500.00 given to Aurora  Fossil Museum

March 2003

25th Anniversary Dinner held in Horsham, Pa, (Lifetime Achievement Award to Ron Tillis)(speakers P. Larson and K. Donnan presented Rex Appeal, The Amazing Story of Sue.)


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Merrilee F. Geunther – University of Pennsylvania


Mosasaur VII published


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Doreena M. Patrick - University of Pennsylvania


Continued success with Field trips into Canada


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Domenic D’Amore – Rutgers University


Joint trips with Central Pa Mineral Club


New trips to New Jersey creek beds


Fern sites in Pa revisited (St. Clair)


Trip to Fruitville Pike Quarry, Lancaster County


New trip to Shamokin, Pa area (ferns, tree trunks)


Joint trip with Calvert Marine Museum Club to PA fern sites


New trip to New Jersey creek sites (Ramanessin Township Park)


Call for papers for Mosasaur VIII

2008Revised  DVPS Bylaws approved by DVPS Executive Board


Joint trips with Delaware Mineralogical Society to Red Hill, Pa


Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Emma Schachner – University of Pennsylvania


Joint trip with Calvert Marine Museum to scientists Cliffs, Md.


Ken Shuck elected President

2009Grant issued in the amount of $1000.00 given to Hamburg Natural History Society
Oct. 2010Grant issued in the amount of $1000.00 given to Red Hill museum 
April 2011Grant issued in the amount of $1485.00.00 given to Friends of the New Jersey State Museum for the Inversand project
Oct. 2012Grant issued in the amount of $1000.00.00 given to Drexel University for the Inversand project
Nov. 2013Grant issued in the amount of $1000.00 given to Lycoming College in the name of Dr. Broussard for Research on Red Hill fish scales
Sept. 2014Paul Bond Scholarship is awarded to Zachary Boles – Drexel University

Past Presidents:  William Gallagher, Courtney Rockefeller, Earle Spamer, Sidney Hostetter, Vince O’Donnell, Mike Keklak, Paul Lazar, Robert Kline, Larry Decina, Ron Tillis, Donald Miller, Ken Shuck


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