DVPS Reference Websites

Museum and Research Institutes and Societies
North America

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Natural History Aurora Fossil Museum
Calvert Marine Museum American Museum of Natural History
The New Jersey State Museum Virginia Museum of Natural History
Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County University of Nebraska State Museum
Delaware Museum of Natural History Paleontological Research Institution
Field Museum Paleontological Society
University of California Museum of Paleontology Wisconsin Geology Museum
Limper Museum at Miami University Wooster College Invertebrate Paleontology
The Western Trilobite Association (WTA) The Paleobiology Database
Paleontology News Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Florida Museum of Natural History Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
Burke Museum

State and National Geological Surveys

Pennsylvania Geological Survey Delaware Geological Survey
Maryland Geological Survey New Jersey Geological Survey
New York State Geological Survey West Virginia Geological Survey
Ohio Geological Survey Indiana Geological Survey
Utah Geological Survey Wyoming Geological Survey check out their online publications

Fossil and Mineral Clubs and Societies

Central Pennsylvania Rock and Mineral Club Delaware Mineralogical Society
Calvert Marine Museum Fossil Club New York Paleontological Society
Maryland Geological Society New Jersey Paleontological Society
Hamburg Natural History Society's North Carolina Fossil Club
Florida Fossil Hunters Tampa Bay Fossil Club
West Virginia Fossil Club, Inc.  North Coast Fossil Club
Dry Dredgers Cincinnati Mineral Society
Kentucky Paleontological Society Mid-America Paleontology Society 
Birmingham Paleontological Society Georgia Mineral Society
Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society Austin Paleontological Society
Dallas Paleontological Society Houston Gem & Mineral Society Paleontology Section
Wichita Paleontological Society Western Interior Paleontological Society
Paleontological Society of Southern Arizona Southern California Paleontological Society
Utah Friends of Paleontology East Coast Fossil Club

Fossil Commercial sites

Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures Miller's Fossils

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